Teaching Eye Surgery
thru the Indian Ocean
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Initially, T.E.S. concentrated its efforts on the definition and the launch of its collaborative project with Moka Eye Hospital (M.E.H.). To this end, members of T.E.S.’s board established close ties with the Mauritian authorities, as well as with ophthalmologists, surgeons and administrative personnel at MEH.


By January 2006, the T.E.S.-M.E.H. project was ready to receive and treat its first patients. Outpatient clinics and surgical procedures always actively involve local medical and surgical professionals, so as to ensure the effective transfer of surgical and medical know-how and expertise.


The number of medical experts wishing to contribute to T.E.S.’s mission is expanding. Initially recruiting in Geneva, doctors from abroad have joined the team.


As the figures show, the T.E.S.-M.E.H. project has been going from strength to strength ever since its inception.


Acquired medical equipment


Two Alcon B-Scan Ultrasound Probes of 10 MHZ and a cable

Donated by T.E.S. Foundation and private contributions.


Barron Radical Vacuum Trephine Recipient – 40 units of 7.5mm

Donated by T.E.S. Foundation and private contributions.


Barron Vacuum Donor Corneal Punch- 40 units of No. 8.0

Donated by T.E.S. Foundation and private contributions.


OCT – Optical Coherence Tomography

Donated by the Lions Club of Port Louis, T.E.S. Foundation, major Mauritian companies, and private contributions.


Echograph B 625

Donated by Rotary Club, Port Louis, and T.E.S. Foundation



Donated by Lions Club, Port Louis, and T.E.S. Foundation


Digital retinoscope camera

Donated by H.U.G. (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève), Geneva, Switzerland


Multiple surgical instruments and products:

Contact lens DCI, trephines, Avastin injectable monodoses, retinal forceps, etc.

Donated by T.E.S. and official suppliers


IOL master 500 Zeiss

Donated by T.E.S. to Souillac hospital


Attainments 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Outpatients Visits 625 740 980 1107 805 1486 1306 527 513 417 351
Surgeries 219 420 409 275 187 808 470 129 98 66 85