Teaching Eye Surgery
thru the Indian Ocean
Dr Pierre Quinodoz, reconstructive and plastic surgeon, consultant for a week with the T.E.S. Foundation team.
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2011 begins with a new period of collaboration between the Moka Eye Hospital and T.E.S. Foundation.

Dr Pierre Quinodoz, reconstructive and plastic surgeon, arrived from Geneva to perform surgery on patients suffering from peri-orbital traumas such as burn sequels, congenital malformations, defects due to cancer and other pathologies causing facial damages. Dr Quinodoz is a board member of the Société Suisse de Chirurgie Plastique and is mandated by the Swiss government to help develop medical programs in the Great Lakes region of East-Africa. Twice a year, Dr Pierre Quinodoz organises and teaches medical and surgical courses to surgeons in countries such as Uganda, Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

During his first days at the Moka Eye Hospital, Dr Quinodoz examined numerous patients together with post-graduate medical students from Mauritius, and performed surgery together with local surgeons.

Child examination by Dr Pierre Quinodoz

Dr Pierre Quinodoz performs peri-orbital surgery.