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Violin and Piano Recital to help purchase an OCT
Category: Front_page,Geneva     Published by: stephen    on the December 24, 2010 at 12:10 pm

On Tuesday, November 23, a second annual concert was organised in favour of T.E.S. Foundation.

For this special event, a violin and piano recital was given by Fabrizio von Arx and Julien Quentin. It was a real pleasure to hear their excellent performance of pieces from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, César Franck and Camille St-Saëns.

The money raised during this evening will help T.E.S. Foundation accomplish one of its major projects. Indeed, T.E.S. has been working during these last two years, together with other non-governmental organisations from Mauritius, on the acquisition of an OCT, Optical Coherence Tomography. This new technology provides high-definition images of the different layers of the retina and the macula. It allows a better observation and thus, a better assessment of the treatment needed and its follow-up.

Diabetes is widely spread in Mauritius and causes damages on the retina that, if not treated, can lead to blindness. The OCT will be of great help in the diagnosis, observation and treatment of retinal diseases due to diabetes.

We would like thank all those who attended this special evening and showed their support to our fondation. We would also like to express our gratitude to those who, through their donations, contribute to the accomplishment of our mission.

Your support makes the difference.