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Revised instruments and gifts from UlrichSwiss
Category: Donations     Published by: Aboo    on the September 21, 2007 at 10:12 am

During my last trip to Mauritius, Moka ‘s Eye Hospital handed over to me 34 instruments needing to be sharpened and fixed. I’ve been able to send these to UlrichSwiss, a manufacturer which I was in relation with during my last main job. Mister Christophe Ulrich, the son of this small family company accepted to revise and sharpen those instruments in the sake of the Foundation. What was my surprise when I received these in return! All were sharpened out and out of the 34 instruments 6 were replaced by new material due to irreversible damage they had. All this has been done for Free for the benefits of T.E.S.Foundation. I would like to thank again UlrichSwiss and specially Christophe for his generosity and humanity. Aboo