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Concert in favour of T.E.S.Foundation. THANK YOU
Category: Donations,Front_page,Geneva     Published by: stephen    on the November 25, 2014 at 10:08 am

On Tuesday the 18th of November, our fifth annual concert in favour of T.E.S. Foundation took place in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Palais de l’Athénée.

During his welcome speech, Pr Tabatabay thanked warmly the audience for its generous support and gave the latest news of the foundation as well as its main goals for 2015.

The concert was given by  Fabrizio Von Arx, violin, Vincent Thévenaz, clavecin and the string quintet composed by Jeanne Mathieu,  Aurianne Philippe, Jeanne Camus, Carine Balit, and Isabelle Kuss Bildstein.

Many Thanks for your generous support. T.E.S Foundation Team