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T.E.S. Foundation conducts a clinical audit of the Moka Eye Hospital
Category: Mauritius     Published by: stephen    on the May 23, 2013 at 11:10 am

At the request of the Honourable Minister of Health & Quality of Life, Mr Lormus Bundhoo, the T.E.S. Foundation has conducted a clinical audit of the Subramania Bharati Moka Eye Hospital.


The main purpose of this audit was to evaluate the actual medical situation of the Hospital and to stress particular needs and fields of improvements. A thorough analysis of the different aspects of the Hospital was made such as the number of surgeons and their level of expertise, the medical staff, the surgical specialities being performed, the technical equipment, the surgical and consultation organisation, and the premises. All local surgeons were consulted as well as administrative seniors from the Moka Eye Hospital and from the Ministry.


During a meeting held at the Ministry of Health in Port Louis, the preliminary results of this audit were presented by Pr Cyrus Tabatabay, President of T.E.S. Foundation, to the Honourable Minister, Mr Bundhoo, Mrs R. Veerapen, Senior Chief Executive Officer, and Dr K. Pauvaday, Principal Medical Officer.


Among other results, the audit shows that the collaboration between the Moka Eye Hospital team and visiting foreign teams is profitable. Among the major realisations, T.E.S. Foundation fellows have operated complex cases in different ophthalmological specialities such as vitreo-retinal surgery, corneal transplantation, strabismus correction and cataract surgery and have trained local surgeons to perform more and more of these complex surgeries. As a result, patients presenting severe vitreo-retinal pathologies who had to be transferred to Chennai, India, for surgery can now be operated in Mauritius by the local surgeons, and at a lower cost. Not only does the collaboration between T.E.S. and the Ministry improve the health care quality to the Mauritian population, it also participates to contain health care costs for the government.