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News articles published in: 2012
Dr Harry Roux stays three months in Mauritius

Dr Harry Roux, chief resident at the HUG, Hôpitaux Universiatires de Genève, spent 3 months in Mauritius from April to July 2012. During that period, he consulted about 900 patients; 307 patients were treated with the Pascal laser for diabetic retinopathy (see opposite picture), and 75 patients had Avastin intra-ocular injections for diabetic macular oedema. Diabetes is a national […]

First missions for 2012

Dr Pierre Quinodoz, reconstructive and plastic surgeon in Geneva, led the first 2012 mission at the Moka Eye Hospital. He followed-up patients he had operated during his first mission last year and examined new patients. During his stay, Dr Quinodoz operated 13 patients in need of reconstructive ocular surgery, six of whom were children and teenagers. […]